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Dee Ann Fowler Graham reviewed House of Martial Arts
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If you want a workout to challenge yourself try this place out. I’ve moved and still try to come back when I am in town. Thanks for pushing me & helping me stay healthy.

J.c. Cantrell reviewed House of Martial Arts
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Stopped in to train while in town for business. I must say I was extremely impressed with the professionalism of the staff. It was only equaled by their friendliness and level of expertise when teaching classes. Definitely a top notch school.

Gagi Sigal reviewed House of Martial Arts
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Amazing instructors great fitness classes self-defense overall fantastic

Brian Shotton reviewed House of Martial Arts
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Family. If you train here you become a part of a family. A community driving each other towards excellence.

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The ‘Why’ is Important.

Brian Shotton

So often in life we hear people lamenting about how much they desire a certain car, vacation, body type, or lifestyle. Many of these fall into a category of ‘empty dreams’ things people would like, but things that they do not necessarily strive to achieve.


However, you can see these very same people work very hard, and accomplish other goals or desires. So, they obviously are not lacking in drive.


What gives? There are several different possibilities depending on the person and situation but one aspect that cannot be ignored in determining whether something is an ‘empty dream’ or something a person will strive for until they obtain it, is the motivation behind it.


Not just ‘how much’ you want something, as that can be very subjective, but the ‘Why’. Why do you want to own a house? Why do you want that car? Why do you want to lose weight or tone up? Why do you want to learn self-defense?


Identifying your ‘why’ and keeping it close at hand when striving to make a change, or accomplish a goal is incredibly important. It is easy to lose sight of your reasons for doing things amongst the craziness of life and the hurdles sure to come along in any long-term journey. It is crucial to remember to slow down, take a step back and remind yourself not just what you are after, but why, as well.